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Champion historyEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Pat O'Connor 1 May 18, 1960 St. Louis, MO Held NWA World Heavyweight Championship, won on January 9, 1959 in St. Louis, Missouri; recognized as the first AWA World Champion in May 1960, but was given 90 days to defend the title against Verne Gagne or be stripped of the title.
Verne Gagne 1 August 16, 1960 N/A Awarded after O'Connor failed to defend the title.
Gene Kiniski 1 July 11, 1961 Minneapolis, MN TBA.
Verne Gagne 2 August 8, 1961 Minneapolis, MN TBA.
Mr. M 1 January 9, 1962 Minneapolis, MN TBA.
Verne Gagne 3 August 21, 1962 Minneapolis, MN TBA.
The Crusher 1 July 9, 1963 Minneapolis, MN Also won Omaha version of World Heavyweight Championship from Verne Gagne on February 15, 1963 in Omaha, Nebraska.
Verne Gagne 4 July 20, 1963 Minneapolis, MN Wins both the AWA title and the Omaha title.
Fritz Von Erich 1 July 27, 1963 Omaha, NE Wins both the AWA title and the Omaha title.
Verne Gagne 5 August 8, 1963 Amarillo, TX Wins AWA title only; also wins Omaha title from Fritz Von Erich on September 7, 1963 in Omaha, NE to unify the titles.
The Crusher 2 November 16, 1963 St. Paul, MN TBA.
Verne Gagne 6 December 14, 1963 Minneapolis, MN TBA.
Mad Dog Vachon 1 May 2, 1964 Omaha, NE TBA.
Verne Gagne 7 May 16, 1964 Omaha, NE TBA.
Mad Dog Vachon 2 October 20, 1964 Minneapolis, MN TBA.
Mighty Igor Vodic 1 May 15, 1965 Omaha, NE TBA.
Mad Dog Vachon 3 May 22, 1965 Omaha, NE TBA.
The Crusher 3 August 21, 1965 St. Paul, MN TBA.
Mad Dog Vachon 4 November 12, 1965 Denver, CO TBA.
Tim Woods 1 January 8, 1966 Omaha, NE AWA president Stanley Blackburn reviews the match from January 8, 1966 and declares it "no contenst" on January 14, 1966 since Woods' legs are on the rope while pinning Vachon during the final fall.
Mad Dog Vachon 4(5) January 14, 1966 Omaha, NE Vachon defeats Woods in a rematch on January 14, 1966.
Dick The Bruiser 1 November 12, 1966 Omaha, NE TBA.
Mad Dog Vachon 5(6) November 19, 1966 Omaha, NE TBA.
Verne Gagne 8 February 26, 1967 St. Paul, MN TBA.
Dr. X 1 August 17, 1968 Bloomington, MN TBA.
Verne Gagne 9 August 31, 1968 Minneapolis, MN TBA.
Nick Bockwinkel 1 November 8, 1975 St. Paul, MN TBA.
Larry Zbyszko 1 1990 TBA TBA.
Jerry Lynn 1 2008 TBA TBA.
Jake Hager 1 2010 TBA TBA.

List of reign lengthsEdit

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