Champion historyEdit

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For many years their were numerous titles around the UK for the light heavyweights however due to the direction of the British industry when World of Sport was formed they decided not to create their own version of the title until 2000 when their was an influx of light heavyweight wrestlers and with the new direction of WSW the title was created and a tournament was commissioned to crown the first champion.
Jonny Storm 1 January 24, 2000 Southampton, Hampshire Defeated Jody Fleisch in the tournament finals.
Jody Fleisch 1 February 27, 2000 Erdington, West Midlands TBA.
Jonny Storm 2 August 9, 2000 Halifax, West Yorkshire TBA.
Paul Travell 1 October 29, 2000 Portsmouth, Hampshire TBA.
Mark Sloan 1 January 20, 2001 Bolton, Greater Manchester TBA.
Jody Fleisch 2 September 1, 2001 Harrow, London TBA.
Jonny Storm 3 November 26, 2001 Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire TBA.
Mark Sloan 2 January 12, 2002 Croydon, Surrey TBA.
Nikita 1 February 9, 2002 Crystal Palace, London Nikita defeated Mark Sloan after he issued an open challenge.
Paul Travell 2 October 13, 2002 Bethnal Green, London TBA.
Spud 1 March 30, 2003 Gornal, West Midlands TBA.
El Ligero 1 August 30, 2003 Lincoln, Lincolnshire TBA.
Spud 2 September 13, 2003 Sedgley, West Midlands TBA.
El Ligero 2 December 13, 2003 Haden Hill, West Midlands TBA.
Jody Fleisch 3 March 27, 2004 Gateshead, Tyne and Wear TBA.
Spud 3 May 12, 2004 Birmingham, West Midlands TBA.
Jonny Storm 4 July 16, 2004 Newcastle, Tyne and Ware TBA.
Spud 4 October 2, 2004 York, North Yorkshire TBA.
Pac 1 February 11, 2005 Maidstone, Kent TBA.
Dean Allmark 1 December 5, 2007 Liverpool, Mersyside TBA.
Zack Sabre, Jr. 1 June 21, 2008 Isle of Sheppey, Kent TBA.
Dean Allmark 2 September 23, 2009 Liverpool, Mersyside TBA.

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