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Champion historyEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Rhino 1 February 14, 2004 Detroit, Michigan Defeats Rodney Mack, Mark Henry and Jack Victory in a Four Way Dance.
Super Crazy 1 February 25, 2006 Detroit, Michigan Title forfeited after Rhino goes down with a neck injury, Super Crazy defeats Psicosis.
Rodney Mack 1 June 10, 2006 Detroit, Michigan TBA.
Super Dragon 1 August 19, 2006 Detroit, Michigan TBA.
Kaos 1 November 23, 2006 Los Angeles, California Super Dragon put his Motor City Television title on the line against Kaos and his NWA LA Television Title in a Title versus Title Match.
Chris Candido 1 February 25, 2007 Detroit, Michigan TBA.
Bobby Roode 1 October 20, 2007 Detroit, Michigan TBA.
Mark Henry 1 December 17, 2008 Detroit, Michigan TBA.
REDRUM 1 March 25, 2009 Detroit, Michigan Title changes hands when REDRUM pins Mark Henry in a three on one handicap match that saw REDRUM teaming with The Insane Clown Posse.
Kenny King 1 June 17, 2009 Detroit, Michigan TBA.
Rhett Titus 1 October 18, 2009 Detroit, Michigan TBA.
Kenny King 2 October 28, 2009 Detroit, Michigan TBA.
Rhett Titus 2 November 11, 2009 Detroit, Michigan TBA.

List of reign lengthsEdit

NWA: Motor City
Current Championships
NWA Motor City Heavyweight (reigns) • NWA Motor City Television (reigns)
NWA Motor City Tag Team (reigns)

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